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SEO tips, techniques and tricks

Hopefully in this article I’ll be able to give you some information on SEO techniques that you can do to raise your organic rankings. First of all make sure that your website is well optimized for the keywords that you want to rank for. It’s extremely important to make sure that your website clearly utilizes the keywords and phrases that you want to rank for throughout your website. Once you have a well optimized webpage you’re ready to start your link building. In the next section I’ll describe some easy do-it-yourself techniques for link building.

Do I offer any useful tips and information to my customers?

Ask yourself the question when looking at your website: Am I offering a multipage advertisement or do I offer additional resources and helpful information?  Helpful information is key, make sure your site isn’t just a company advertisement. 

Techniques on obtaining links from competitors

Reach out to your competitors and vendors and ask them for links. They might not give these to you willingly so offer to barter with services and trades. It's very important to network and create a group of people that you can share and utilize information with.  Industry related links are very important often times the highest-page authority that you can hope to accomplish.  So reach out to these people and offer your services in exchange for links.

Am I in Directories?

Search engine optimization is all about getting yourself out there and noticed. Submit yourself to directories.  Research and find what industry related directories exist on the web. Compile that list make and make sure you submit your information.

Tip on making your own authoritative links

Create blogs and Microsites.  On these compile articles and useful information.  It's all about giving people useful information and custom content. Share your knowledge with others and it will be well received. As you’re sharing this knowledge add links to your website.  Offer reference material that comes from your website so people will have to go there to utilize it.  Good SEO is all about sharing information and providing it to others. 

#1 SEO tip

One of the best SEO tips I can offer is to put in the effort. Time and effort will accomplish a lot. If you don't give any then you’ll get nothing accomplished. This seems like common knowledge but many people expect a magical answer.  There really is no magical formula. Put good information out there offer it to people and link to your website. The more you do this the better your search engine optimization will go. 

Get involved!

Join industry related forums and get involved. Network with these people leave links in your signature and offer information linking back to your website.  Offer solutions to questions asked on these forums and reference back to your website with helpful and useful materials you may be able to provide. 






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